Monday, October 8, 2012

Beautiful Ceremony Entrances and Aisle Styles

Be inspired by some of the most beautiful ceremony entrance and aisle designs created by some of the best event designers in floral design.  Breathe first, then look!!!!!

                                                                       White Lilac                                         

Mark's Garden

                                                                           Jeff Leatham

Mark's Garden

                                                                       Revelry Event Design

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The New Style of Brides

If you are obsessed with wedding fashion like I am, then you have noticed how the traditional white gown is just one of the many options available to brides looking to translate her personality for one of the most special day's of her life.  Designers are pulling out all the stops with their designs and I love it!!

                                                                      Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

                                                              Alexander McQueen

                                                                     Christian Dior

Vera Wang


Friday, October 5, 2012

Extraordinary Amazing Paper Sculptures

I recently came across this paper artist, Peter Gentenaar, who creates these larger than life paper sculptures that have an ethereal quality to them.  He began his relationship with paper as a printmaker and a sculptor.  He gradually found that a single sheet of paper, not dried yet, has all the possibilities needed to create his masterpieces. His level of creativity is definitely on another level.  Take a look at these sculptures he showcased at the abbey church of Saint-Riquier church in northern France.  He hung more that 100 paper sculptures in the church's grand halls; the perfect backdrop for these PAPER masterpieces.  These designs are simply AMAZING!!!