Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello and Welcome to My Very First Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to Flower Pulse!  I am Alisa Smalls and own and operate a floral design company, Perfect Creations and Design.  This blog will cover the many different styles of floral design and how each designer interprets the clients vision.  Because we love all things beautiful, we will also explore beautiful places, objects, interiors and fashion.  All of these elements are used to create the final look of the event.  So as we blog, we want to provide some inspiration to our readers and hopefully give you some new and fresh ideas.  Welcome to Flower Pulse!!!

By the way, check out the beautiful jewel tones from the Gucci Fall 2011 collection.  Breathtaking!   I love how the turquoise is combined with the taupe/olive neutral color.  I also found this luxury hotel interior space, found at the New York Budapest Hotel, that could be a stunning reception design.  Our inspiration design is completed with this collection of deep purple flowers from Karen Tran.  This is definitely a chic and sophisticated look meant for the bold and confident lady who wants to make a statement!  Are you that bold? 

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