Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Candle Lighting vs. Florals

One of the most important elements for any event is candlelight. Lighting provides a very ambient and gorgeous glow among you and your guests. Most of all, lighting creates an evening of intimacy, makes it feel personal and sexy. More often, we are seeing more and more event designers replacing floral decor centerpieces with candle light in several different shapes and styles; making them the focal point.

Consider these tips when choosing candles for your event:
-Create stunning entryways with clusters of candles in varying heights
-Line a plank of wood with candles with a striking yet simple centerpiece
-Place candles on top of mirrors to reflect the glow upwards
-Place candles in bathrooms; this keeps the mood consistent.
-Make a beautiful backdrop with shelving full of candles.

Sources: Alchemy Fine Events, ZGallerie and Jamali Garden

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