Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marchesa 2012 Collection: Fashion Expressed Artistically

There are so many ways to make your wedding day special. Whether it is with amazing floral design (yes!) or a beautiful color pallette or even shifting the attention to the bride by wearing a jaw-dropping beautiful gown, chose something that your guests will never forget. That unique element is what personalizes your wedding and makes it unforgettable. So, to that end, I have chosen to focus on unique wedding gowns and spotlight some amazing fashion designs by Marchesa. If you are a Rachel Zoe fan, then you recognize the name. These ladies are UNBELIEVABLY talented! Their fashion creations transcends all the rules of fashion design and enters into their own world of fashion art. When you see there fashions, they literally make you gasp, stare and wish!!! Their fashion creations look like complex scluptures but remain to look soft, elegant and fashion forward. That is the feeling I try to create with floral design. I am always looking for inspiration, and these ladies really inspire me to diggggg deeper into my imagination.

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