Wednesday, March 14, 2012

25 Ways to Save on your Wedding Flowers

It's about to be a busy season for Perfect Creations and I am sooooo excited. I have some pretty awesome brides who have placed flowers as a top priority for their special day. The typical bride for Perfect Creations usually has a pretty high interest in flowers however, we try to offer some ideas for brides who can't or don't want to spend several thousand dollars on wedding flowers. Because we are living in a time where money is sooooo tight, some brides are forced to make decisions where wedding flowers are used minimally to none. Flowers are beautiful but very expensive. They are a luxury item to say the least, but they always create a memorable moment and add a special touch for any wedding, large or small. My goal today is to try and give a few tips, 25 to be exact, on how to have beautiful flowers in an economically conscious way. Our next three blogs will be dedicated to this subject.

1. Before you start spending, decide where flowers rank on your list of priorities. If you'd rather spend your money on food and drinks than decorating the venue, look to spend less on flowers. If you want to create a beautiful space for your reception, allocate a larger portion of the budget to blooms.

2. Be upfront about how much you have to spend on flowers. Your budget is one of the first things you should discuss with your florist. The typical spend is 10-15% of the overall cost of the day, but this isn't always realistic. Be clear about your funds and your florist will rise to the challenge.

3. Attempt a little DIY to cut costs. Decorate each table with votives and flowers from your local supermarket. Use mason jars or flea market vases to create the designs in.

4. Choose a florist who can accomodate your budget. A florist encouraging you to spend more than you can afford may not be your florist. You may have to compromise on some things and ask your florist for some less expensive alternatives.

5. Opt for a hand-tied bouquet rather than a wired or a flambouyant design.

6. Consider having less flowers and more foliage in your displays. A few statement blooms surrounded by lots of greenery can look striking and modern, as well as being easy on the wallet.

7. For your reception, use potted plants or herbs in pretty or creative containers. They are very inexpensive, last a long time and make a thoughtful gift for your guests.

8. Transport your ceremony flowers to your reception venue to decorate the reception space. Pedestals and trees are easy to move and look fabulous as entrance displays, while pew ends can be reused as chairbacks.

9. Use one or two flower types. If you try to incorporate all your favorite blooms, costs can escalate. Instead, look at color or containers to add interest. Try to incorporate your favorite flowers in your bouquet, only.

10. Bridesmaids bouquets can really add up, so be inventive. Consider using single large bloom flower types or long stemmed blooms. Carnations create stunning bouquets when clustered together, they have a long vase life and they come a many colors. Wrist corsages or flowers for the hair are other good options.

These are the first of 25 and I hope these tips are helpful. I will post the next set of tips later this week. Happy Planning!

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